We believe in creating products that enable people to do inspiring things, whether that’s exploring our planet, creating a better world, or working smarter.

Company Profile

UBCO was founded on the idea of a Utility Electric Vehicle (UEV) that would transform the way people ride, work and play. Since it was founded in 2015, UBCO has evolved into a digitally connected UEV platform including on and off road transport (2×2), portable power, accessories, and cloud-based software.

Founded in New Zealand, UBCO can now be found in international markets including the United States and Australia. We are passionate about providing a complete solution to our customers, from an individual user to Fleet Managers, and have developed our product range to support a wide range of applications..

Our Business

Customer Problem

Current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and power generators are heavy, noisy to operate, have toxic emissions, expensive to run and are difficult to ride or use safely.


A Utility Electric Vehicle Platform that is lightweight, quiet, has zero emissions during use, and is safe and easy to use.

Product and Services

Our core products include Utility Electric Vehicles (UEVs), Accessories, Portable Power Supplies and Subscription Software. UBCO has successfully commercialised the 2×2 Dual Purpose vehicle for use on and off road along with accessories and an integrated 2.4kW portable power supply. Our goal is to have a standalone power supply in the market in 2019, and a 4 wheel UEV in the market in 2021 to complement and extend this range. These are all digitally connected devices that can also have services delivered through the UBCO API interface.

Target Market

We are focused on the North American off road adventure and utility markets which incorporates both 2 and 4 wheel vehicles ($12.7B USD / $19.2B NZD) alongside naturally competing in the on road market ($6.21B USD / $9.4B NZD). Our portable power strategy is focused on the generators and power supplies market rated under 10kW ($3.1B USD / $4.7B NZD globally).


We have two clear types of customers; end users (individuals) and business (fleet) customers who are drawn from varied application areas.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We have a coordinated approach to sales and marketing that has four key elements: building awareness; creating great experiences; delivering effective after sales service; and creating a global community.

Business Model

We sell UEVs which are expanded through connecting products and services that provide additional lifetime customer value; these include Portable Power, Accessories, and Software as a Service (SaaS). We distribute product in market both ourselves and through independent distributors, and utilise a coordinated group of approved dealers internationally who provide sales and aftersales service.


Our main competitors are grouped into off road and dual purpose electric vehicle manufacturers (e.g. Zero, Alta), incumbent combustion engine manufacturers (e.g. Honda, Yamaha, Polaris Industries etc) and manufacturers of sub-10kW portable power supplies (e.g. Goal Zero).

Competitive Advantage

The UBCO 2×2 is the world’s first production two wheel drive electric powered vehicle. Coupled with the product platform, it delivers into a clearly identified market gap. We will extend this advantage into 4 wheel UEVs and portable power supplies.

Intellectual Property

UBCO has an integrated intellectual property program that consists of international trademarks, design registrations and patents, and utility patents.