All-utility and all-performance, UBCO 2X2s are made to carry tools, equipment and cargo. Effortless to ride, and most importantly safe, the 2X2 is the perfect choice for your fleet, whether on city streets or muddy paddocks. And if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, we can help with that too.​


“UBCO bikes have several advantages over cars when it comes to deliveries. They are faster through heavy traffic, parking isn’t an issue, they’re cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. Our delivery teams safely deliver thousands of pizzas each week and we see the UBCO bikes as an important part of our fleet going forward.”
Cameron Toomey, General Manager,  Domino’s New Zealand.

“There have been dramatic changes in technology over the last few years with electric vehicles a key emerging technology that the NZDF has been monitoring. After investigating a range of options, the NZDF selected UBCO for a trial in 2020”.
LtCol Brad Gallop, Land Combat Group Lead, Capability Branch, New Zealand Defence Force


A complete solution for fleet managers


UBCO’s Vehicle Subscription options provide peace of mind without the upfront capital cost. Pay a fixed weekly fee covering the supply of the vehicle, telemetry and servicing while we retain ownership and responsibility for the product and its end of life.

Our fleet team build solutions for your individual needs, tailoring servicing, parts and maintenance schedules, to ensure vehicle uptime and performance is maintained.

UBCO Vehicle Subscription is a hassle-free, economic and sustainable way to run your fleet.


Since day one our utility vehicles have been built for hard work. Designed in New Zealand then adopted globally by corporates and consumers, UBCO’s products are built to last.

Delivering durability and performance for high duty environments, reducing total cost of ownership and improved vehicle uptime.

Download 2X2 Product Overview (11MB)


Our vehicles are lighter than traditional ATVs and their step through design provides a safer ride than alternative mopeds or scooters.

Two-wheel drive provides greater traction and control, particularly in inclement weather.

Download our 2X2 Safety Sheet for more detail.


UBCO’s Telematic Control Unit is perfect for managing a fleet of bikes, with real time information and intelligence, remote immobilization and accident alerts.


With no gas, no emissions, and no noise, the UBCO 2X2 is inherently more sustainable than petrol equivalents during in-use life. Our Life Cycle Thinking approach to product design and manufacturing ensures durability, a long useable life, and end of life disassembly.

Fast-track your emissions targets by riding UBCO.

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